Schultz D/P Gauge
SKU: SC-5150
The Schultz SC-5150 direct reading, piston-type differential pressure indicator is designed to accurately and reliability read differential pressure across filter vessels. The gauge consists of a spring corrosion resistant piston moving inside an annealed glass cylinder. Differential pressure is easily read from the top of the piston.

Price: $295.00
Schultz Gauge Guard
SKU: SC-3001
This patent pending design allows a safe installation of a pressure gauge onto the Whittaker (F-116 or F-117) single point nozzle. The installation of the Gauge guard requires that no modifications be made to the nozzle.During fueling, the gauge is visible through stainless steel gauge guard. When closed, the gauge is retracted into guard, protecting it from damage. The gauge guard gives the added benefit of protecting the nozzle body boss from

Price: $265.00