Schultz 3-Way Differential Pressure Test Valve
SKU: SC-9600
Designed to allow a hydraulic test movement of the D/P gauge piston.

Price: $190.00
Schultz Air Guard Check Valve
SKU: SC-9650

In the event of primary system check valve leakage, the Schultz Air Guard check valve will prevent air from entering the filter vessel via the air eliminator.

Introducing air into the filter separator increases risk of internal fire as well as contributing to microbiological growth. This check valve is easily installed above the air eliminator.

Check valve body, poppet and spring are constructed of stainless steel. Orings are Viton.

Price: $54.25
Schultz Dead-Man Handle
SKU: SC-9503
The Schultz Dead-man handle is designed for a rugged, all-weather environment. The Delrin body is ergonomically designed for comfort and safety. The SC-9503 is sealed with O-Rings to prevent water or fuel infiltration. Switch rated at 8 amps. A sealed strain relief is provided to protect connection to control cable.

Price: $195.50
Schultz Monitor Dry Dock Station
SKU: SC-4050
The Schultz Monitor Dry Dock Station is a monitor holder for filter drain down during annual change outs. The system fits inside a 5-gallon bucket for easy collection of excess fuel. Made of lightweight 6061 aluminum this innovative tool may hold up to 20 filters.

Price: $120.00
Schultz Nose Seal Insert Conversions for Whittaker F116/F117
SKU: SC-9900
The Schultz Nose Seal Insert Conversions for Whittaker F116/F117 allows a nozzle body with a damaged nose seal to be repaired.The existing damaged nozzle body is machined to accept a replaceable nose seal insert. After conversion is completed, a replaceable insert can be installed again with the removal of 3 screws. Inserts are manufactured from alloy aluminum. O-Rings are viton.

Price: $160.00
Schultz Panel Mount Test Valve
SKU: SC-9680
Schultz Panel Mount Test Valve

Price: $211.00