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Schultz Automatic Shutdown System

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The Schultz Automatic Differential Pressure Gauge uses a sealed, solid state sensor that protects against corrosion and subsequent signal failures. Backed by an 18 Month Warranty there is no other device so accurate on the market.

The Schultz Automatic Shutdown System will automatically electronically detect high differential pressure. The high differential pressure alert setting can be easily adjusted in the field. The system is Intrinsically Safe (*IS), Explosion-Proof and is suitable for use in Class 1, Div 1, hazardous locations as defined in articles 500 and 504 of the national Electrical Code.


In most fuel sampling quality control applications, installation does not require expensive explosion proof conduit and control enclosures. This unit can be incorporated into a variety of control systems, such as alarm circuits, pump and motor controls, valve actuation systems or a computer interface.

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  • Compact Design

  • Intrinsically safe - solid state system

  • Explosion proof for hazardous areas

  • No switches, magnetic couplings or O-rings to fail

  • Sensors controls installed up to 5000 ft. from Gauge

  • Interface with a database

  • Flash a warning light or sound an alarm

  • Control a valve or stop a pump

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SC-5150_AS  (3).png
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