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Schultz D/P Switch


Schultz Differential Pressure Switch is designed to sense differential pressure across the filter element. At the set pressure, the indicator will prompt an alarm for filter replacement. In place of changing elements at random intervals maximum use is is gained. In addition, filter elements are replaced before they become damaged preventing any downstream contaminants.

  • No Downstream Contamination

  • Separation of fluid upstream of the filter element from downstream

  • Magnetically operated alarms at preset differential pressure

  • Superior shock and vibration resistance

Three-Wires provide an electrical signal to a remote location. Applications can include connection to remote sensing device, alarm, horn , light, or other alert system. It can also be incorporated into the Schultz dead man system. Controls can be provided with either NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 enclosure.


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D/P Switch w/Block

DP Switch Only

D/P Switch Only

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