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Schultz Single Point Closed Loop Refueling System

The Schultz AFS-9000 dry break system was developed for and approved by NASCAR at the top-3 levels of competition.  Designed to refuel competition race vehicles quickly and safely. This unique patented system virtually eliminates spillage, reducing environmental impacts and safety hazards.

The system consists of a fueling coupler, vehicle adapter and a vapor pressure relief valve. The coupler and adapter are equipped with a combined fuel and vent port. This advancement eliminates the requirement for existing flapper valves and catch cans.


The system’s design enables you to refuel and vent the fuel cell with a single point connection. The Schultz AFS-9000 is a true closed circuit refueling system, with standard fuel cell connections and existing dump can designs. 


The Schultz AFS-9000 is registered under US Patent No. 7,182,098. Additional Patents Pending.


Advantages of Schultz AFS-9000 Fueling System

  • Vapor Recovery

  • Minimal Spillage

  • Reduces Environmental Impact

  • Eliminates Catch Can & External Flapper Valve

  • Reduces Chance of Fire

  • Automatically Releases from Vehicle

  • Single Man Operation

  • Coupler will not open if can is dropped

  • Self Aligning

  • Fully Re-buildable

  • Internal Vent Valve

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