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Garage Fueling Coupler is our latest version and is approved for garage use only. The Fuel Coupler is attached to the fuel can using (2) 2.5" hose clamps on the 2.5" fuel line. (2) 1.5" hose clamps attach to the newly added 1.5" ID by 18" vent line that attaches to the 1.5" tube on the fueling coupler. The Schultz AFS-9201-G Garage Fueling Coupler is one component of the Schultz Single Point Dry-Break system for garage use.

Schultz Single Point Garage Fueling Coupler

SKU: AFS-9201-G
  • The Schultz AFS-9201-G is registered under US Patent No. 7,182,098, US Patent No. 7,798,184. This product is approved for competition in NASCAR.  Any reproduction or modification of this product is strictly prohibited and against both NASCAR rules and Federal Patent Infringement Counterfeiting Laws. 

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