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The Fueling Adapter is mounted to the rear fender of the vehicle. The 1.5" OD vent line is routed from the fuel cell to the car side adapter, replacing the existing vent that was located at the rear of the vehicle. 


Advantages of Schultz Fueling System

  • Vapor Recovery

  • Minimal Spillage

  • Reduces Environmental Impact

  • Eliminates Catch Can & External Flapper Valve

  • Reduces Chance of Fire

  • Automatically Releases from Vehicle

  • Single Man Operation

  • Coupler will not open if can is dropped

  • Self Aligning

  • Fully Re-buildable

  • Internal Vent Valve

Schultz Single Point Fueling Adapter Version 4

SKU: AFS-10100
  • Technical Specifications

    Fluid Compatibility: Sunoco GTX 260
    Connections (Fuel/Vent): 2.5" OD / 1.5" ID
    Nozzle Weight: 3 Lbs. 10 Oz.
    Receptacle Weight: 1 Lbs. 14Oz.
  • The Schultz AFS-10100 is registered under US Patent No. 7,182,098, US Patent No. 7,798,184. Additional Patents Pending.  This product is approved for competition in NASCAR.  Any reproduction or modification of this product is strictly prohibited and against both NASCAR rules and Federal Patent Infringement Counterfeiting Laws. 

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