Grounding reel is used to connect the refueling vehicle to the aircraft and/or the ground while refueling is being performed.

This is done to eliminate the possibility of an explosion due to a spark caused by static electricity. Reel utilizes two internal hub contactors for safety. Contactors are field replaceable. The reel is constructed stainless steel, aluminum and delrin and utilizes a highly visible orange coated stainless steel cable. Various cable lengths are available.

Stainless Steel Construction
Manual Rewind
Tension Adjustable
Delrin Cable Guide for Reduced Cable Wear
Reel Capacity of 200 ft 1/8 in cable (100 ft 3/16 cable)

Comes standard with 50' orange static cable and stainless steel grounding plug. 

Grounding Reel

SKU: SC-9560
Grounding Connection

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